Advantages of the Masterflex® Volumetric Filling System

Ensure you are getting the right volumes in your dosing or metering applications with the Masterflex Volumetric Filling System. Combining the precision of ultrasonic technology and Masterflex intelligence, the system consists of a Masterflex pump system, Masterflex ultrasonic flow sensor, and the Masterflex flow controller. The flow controller measures the flow where the sensor is clamped to the tubing and then signals the pump drive speed to meet the set flow rate.

Benefits of the Masterflex Volumetric Filling System


The system ensures accuracy by measuring the actual flow rate, comparing it to a set (desired) value and then automatically adjusting the Masterflex drive output. The ultrasonic sensor records the real-time flow through the tubing and the controller adapts the drive speed to overcome variabilities in flow. This pump system can compensate for cold tubing, worn tubing, back pressures, fluid friction, and almost anything else that would affect your volumetric flow rate.

Store operational data

Does your SOP require a record of operation? Log date-and-time stamped entries of flow rate, flow set point, pump speed, and total flow onto a 32GB microSD card installed in the controller. The log file is in CSV format for easy processing.

Ease of setup and integration

The Masterflex flow controller has been designed with features that make it easy to integrate into your fluidics system. The controller and flow sensor require no calibration or adjustments (the flow sensor must be calibrated to the formulation of tubing—one-time only). Easy connection to the pump system is available using the included cables.

Compatible with other Masterflex pump technologies

Need alternative pump technologies for other fluid handling challenges? The Masterflex® Quattroflow® pumps, Masterflex piston pumps, and Masterflex gear pump can all be controlled through the flow controller. MasterflexLive® remote pump monitoring allows cloud-based access to your pump and its records. By utilizing the optional leak detector, know when a filter has failed or a tube has burst by receiving a notification.

Build your Masterflex Volumetric Filling System in three easy steps. Use this simple selection guide:

The system consists of a Masterflex driven pump, Masterflex Ultrasonic flow sensor, and the Masterflex Ultrasonic flow controller.

  1. Choose a Masterflex peristaltic pump system.
    The peristaltic pump features a unique design — a drive system turns a set of rollers which compress and release flexible tubing as they rotate. This squeezing action creates a vacuum that draws fluid through the tubing. The flexible tubing is the only wetted part offering multiple advantages.

    Choose from a list of complete peristaltic pump systems below or go a-la-carte (some alternatives are suggested above). As always, our technical support team is on-call to guide your selection where needed.

    • Masterflex® L/S® High-Pressure Precision Process Pump Systems
    • Masterflex® L/S® Digital Miniflex® Dispensing Pump Systems
    • Masterflex® L/S® Standard Digital Pump System
    • Masterflex® L/S® Variable-Speed Analog Console Pump Systems
    • Masterflex® L/S® Digital Process Pump Systems with MasterflexLive®
    • Masterflex® L/S® Digital Pump Systems with Network Compatibility
    • Ismatec® Reglo Digital Miniflex Pumps
  2. Select the Masterflex Ultrasonic Sensor and Tubing

    Each sensor is compatible with the complete series of Masterflex L/S tubing and select I/P® and B/T® sizes. Choose a sensor compatible to your chosen tubing size. We offer a tubing selection guide to assist you.

    • Masterflex® Peristaltic Pump Tubing
    • Masterflex® Ultrasonic Flow Sensors
  3. Add the Masterflex Flow Controller

    The controller is the “brains” of the operation. It interprets and records flow data from the ultrasonic sensor and adjusts the Masterflex drive to match the desired flow rate. Record operational and flow data in CSV format onto the included 32GB microSD card.

    • Masterflex Ultrasonic Flow Controller

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