High Pressure System Offers Highest Pressure Ever from a Masterflex Flexible Tubing Pump

Vernon Hills, Illinois, October 3, 2002—Peristaltic fluid transfer at higher pressures using flexible tubing is now a reality with the new Masterflex® high-pressure pump system. This innovative pump transfers fluids at rates between 0.9 to 170 mL/min (depending on tubing selected)—at continuous pressure up to 100 psi.

The new pump uses continuous lengths of tubing, so no special tubing sets are required. The pump head is interchangeable, making the pump drive suitable for a wide variety of applications (including low pressure applications) simply by interchanging the pump head and tubing. The variable-speed drive provides the convenience of multiple flow rates from a single tubing pump.

Unlike ordinary high-pressure pumps, there are no gears, valves, seals or diaphragms to disassemble for cleaning, which saves you time, money, and downtime. This new pump system is ideal for chemical injection or sterile filtration because the fluid remains in the tubing at all times, with absolutely no contact with the pump’s moving parts. The system uses Masterflex High-Pressure PharMed® tubing, which meets FDA and USP Class VI approval criteria, or High-Pressure Norprene® tubing, which is heat sealable, nonaging, and nonoxidizing.

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