Permeable Support Systems

Create in vivo -like cell culture environment using Transwell permeable supports to enhance cell growth for both anchorage-dependent and feeder-independent cell lines.

Corning permeable supports are available in a variety of formats, pore sizes and membrane types. Transwell® and Falcon® permeable supports are widely used in complex cell culture models such as multi-layered tissues (skin, liver, kidney, human airway epithelia), migration/invasion assays, and co-culture applications. The unique design makes it possible to feed cells apically and basolaterally when growing cells to mimic the in vivo environment.

Corning permeable supports can be used to create many cell models across a wide range of research areas:

  • Produce a cell culture environment that closely resembles an in vivo state
  • Allow polarized cells to carry out metabolic activities in a more natural manner through both apical and basolateral feeding
  • Co-culture cells with or without cell-to-cell contact 
  • Design a diversity of experiments using various pore sizes, membrane types, and coatings; custom surfaces and configurations are also available for specialized requirements. 

Permeable supports come ready to use, pre-packaged in standard multiple well plates. Individual inserts are also available. Include them in your research, and get ready to transform your scientific concepts into life-changing discoveries.

Application Notes and Protocols

Product Selection Guide

Permeable supports, also known as cell culture inserts, are an essential tool for the study of both anchorage-dependent and independent cell lines.