ÄKTA Start

Manual protein purification stressing you out? There is an affordable alternative

ÄKTA Start
  • Purify tagged proteins and antibodies easily
  • Gain insight from real-time monitoring
  • Evaluate and share your results

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Easy Protein Purification with ÄKTA start

ÄKTA start supports commonly used chromatography techniques like desalting/buffer exchange, affinity, gel filtration, and ion exchange. Using ÄKTA start you can perform typical applications such as purification of affinity tagged proteins, antibodies, untagged or native proteins, and sample clean-up.

The instrument can be controlled either in standalone mode using the instrument touch screen display or using UNICORN start control software on a computer.

Convenient Frac30 Fraction Collector

Frac30, a round fraction collector, is controlled via the ÄKTA start touch screen instrument display or using UNICORN start software on a computer.

Frac30 allows you to collect up to 30 fractions and supports four tube sizes, ranging from 1.5 mL to 15 mL. Fractions can be collected in volumes ranging from 0.5 mL to 15 mL. The entire fraction collector rack can be transferred as required.

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User Friendly UNICORN start Software

UNICORN system control software, especially designed for ÄKTA start, includes a process picture map for real-time monitoring and the intuitive Method Editor and Evaluation modules.

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