Optimizing your buffer, reagent and culture media management across biopharma workflows

The adoption of hydrated, premade liquid, buffers, reagents and cell culture media can save you time, resources and money. Different strategies for solutions preparation can be applied to achieve workflow improvements – either as stand-alone solution or in combination with pre-standing methods.

Specifically, the workflows of newer modalities such as cell, gene, and nucleic acid-based therapies often require smaller batches and smaller packaging, further increasing the burden of this infrastructure.

Whether you are working in R&D and need a steady supply of biotech reagents or in a GMP commercial manufacturing site that requires large volumes of solutions in different fill sizes, Avantor can provide:

  • Ready-to-use critical reagent grade and cGMP solutions
  • cGMP buffer concentrates to be used in conjunction with buffer stock blending skids or inline dilution systems
  • Custom media preparations


Reduce total cost of buffer prep and management by leveraging Avantor‘s media and buffer preparation capabilities


Leveraging Avantor’s manufacturing capabilities as well as our quality, supply chain and logistics expertise, you can concentrate on your core product development and manufacturing work. Depending on which buffer management strategy you choose, benefits from outsourcing your buffer preparation include:


Time and cost savings

  • Reduction of production process steps
  • Reduced time for powder dissolution incl. declumping
  • Reduced batch-time
  • Labor savings/Personnel can be assigned to other tasks
  • Saving of storage in buffer bags or holding tanks
  • Reduce facility footprint of the buffer management system
  • Lower capital investment

Secured quality

  • Tested to extensive analytical specifications
  • Reduced non-conformities
  • Satellite samples for reduced QC testing
  • Quality support for rapid release and investigation
  • Reduced regulatory risk
  • Enhanced operator safety (e.g. reduced chemicals exposure, no spill cleanup)
  • Decreased safety and ergonomic concerns during processing

Supply chain security

  • Streamlined supply processes
  • Remote access to raw material and finished good data
  • Robust database to track chemical inventory

Avantor quality systems and standards

  • cGMP/ICH Q7, IPEC, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Full GMP process, cleaning, analytical validation
  • Testing: Compendial, analytical method development and validation for customer specification
  • Shell Life Determination: Formal stability studies
  • Avantor Management of Change program (MOC)
  • Animal Origin Free facilities
  • Preparation in ISO classed suites as appropriate


Avantor can work with you to find the most appropriate solution to clear bottlenecks across your development and manufacturing processes.

Avantor enables rapid supply of biopharma reagents and buffered solutions, outsourcing of your single- and multi-component buffer preparation. Utilizing Avantors’ in-house production of J.T. Baker™ chemicals, custom single-use assemblies, external sourcing of components that are optimized for your process and warehousing capabilities allows you to free up valuable space in your facility while realizing cost, time and labor savings, and to focus on your core activities.

Your solutions manufactured by us

Salts, acids and bases in USP or WFI quality water. Complex solutions and media on demand.

  • Reagent grade and cGMP buffer solutions
  • Mammalian and non-mammalian culture media
  • Cell wash solutions and instrument buffers

Provided in the format you need

Choose from a range of bottles, bags, drums, tubing and connectors

  • Bottles: 15ml – 4L
  • SU bags:
    100ml – 1000L
  • Drums/IBCs:
    20L – 1000L
  • Side samples
  • Tubing, filters and connectors (aseptic if required)

Safely transported

Appropriate packaging options for small and large volumes

  • Appropriate secondary packaging for small volume bottles and bags
  • Qualified rigid outer packaging options for large volumes include:
    • Returnable &
    • Lease or Own Options

To your site or local Avantor warehouse

Trust that your products will arrive securely

  • Temperature controlled
  • Packaging integrity supported by distribution studies

Contact us to discuss how Avantor can support your culture media and buffer management and how outsourcing your solutions preparation activities can help streamline your supply chain and increase productivity, while reducing facility footprint and risk of supply.


Avantor´s hydration platform can streamline your buffer management in downstream processes

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