Custom Fluid Handling Solutions

Design your custom fluid solutions today!

From simple tubing sets to complex mixing systems, in as few as 8 weeks*

Avantor fluid handling solutions partner with you to efficiently implement single-use and fluid handling technologies that reduce contamination risk, improve resource efficiency and lower labor and energy costs.

Fast delivery

When you choose from select components, your custom single-use assembly can be delivered in as few as eight weeks from the time your sales order is received.

Custom single-use assemblies

Customization is the hallmark of our single-use assemblies. A plug-and-play approach to design allows us to use common components to create assemblies that meet not only your needs but also your deadlines.

One partner, multiple components

Avantor sources components from numerous trusted brands and maintains a robust global supply chain, so you can save time by allowing us to meet your needs.

Quality and regulatory compliance

Avantor single-use assemblies include complete validation documentation and full lot traceability, so you can trust your assemblies meet quality and regulatory standards.

The solutions you need, faster

Custom fluid handling assemblies from Avantor in as few as eight weeks* when you choose from select readily available components, providing even greater speed and flexibility to your workflow.

Express service can be utilized to design 2D bag manifolds, aseptic manifolds, and standard tubing manifolds.

  • Utilizes plug-and-play design capabilities
  • Designed with stocked readily available components
  • Assembled in ISO Class 7 cleanroom


* Eight-week delivery starting on receipt of a sales order

Start your express custom assembly today

Our experts will help you design your custom fluid handling assembly to meet your unique needs


Our experts can start with your concept and help design and prototype fluid handling solutions such as:

  • Custom Transfer Assemblies
  • 3-D Bags up to 3,500L
  • Bag Mixing Systems
  • Multi-Bag & Bottle Manifolds
  • Custom Sampling Solutions
  • Filtration Assemblies