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Reversed-phase HPLC has become an essential tool in the separation and analysis of proteins and peptides.  Industry-leading ACE® columns are available with 300 Å  pores, ideal for your protein, peptide and biomoleule separations!  On top of these they are available in Method Development kits consisting of 3 complementary phases for the price of a single column.

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These columns have been designed following the high demand for suitable analytical methods for process monitoring and quality control of wide pore biomolecules. Accurate analysis of proteins, antibodies and large peptides requires columns with good permeability, along with better mass transfer and selectivity.

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Thermo Scientific have a full range of products for protein and mAb analysis including many novel phases like MabPac and sample preparation such as SMART digest.  On our Thermo Chromatography microsite you can learn all about the products we have for Life Science and Proteomics workflows.

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TSKgel SW size exclusion columns are widely used for aqueous analysis and isolation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids and other biological macromolecules. Columns show high resolution and sensitivity and have excellent solvent stability with up to 100% polar organic solvents.

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