Bioprocessing Products & Solutions for Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccine concepts were developed to target infectious diseases but are now also focusing on immune-oncology applications. That is leading to the growing use of processing applications using primary cells or cell lines.

Avantor® combines our in-depth understanding of how various chemistries perform in cell culture systems with our portfolio of chemicals for biopharmaceutical production, single-use systems, process chromatography media, and final fill products to sustain the integrity and activity of the vaccine manufacturing process from upstream production or cell-free synthesis to downstream purification process steps through final fill.

Vaccine manufacturing: COVID-19 and beyond

In this interview, Nandu Deorkar, Vice President of R&D, Biopharma Production at Avantor, shares lessons we can learn from the industry’s historic ramp-up from research to manufacturing.

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mRNA vaccines & therapies – Bioprocessing solutions for the mRNA revolution

Avantor offers solutions for every stage of the mRNA vaccine and therapy manufacturing workflow. Partner with Avantor to support your speed to market.

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Vaccines Workflows

Avantor Vaccine Manufacturing Solutions

Develop and scale up your vaccines more efficiently with trusted cGMP chemicals and single-use solutions. Our Bioprocessing Solutions team can help! We offer upstream support for all areas including cell culture, cell banking, and onsite media/buffer preparation. We can reduce the burden of routine tasks and improve the productivity of your cell therapy efforts.

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