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When it only takes a single particle to cause disaster in a cleanroom, there truly is no room for error. Whether it is to protect patients’ lives in the pharmaceutical field or millions of dollars in investments at a microprocessor facility, maintaining the purity of a controlled environment is one of the strictest and most regulated practices in the science industry.

Every aspect surrounding your research is scrutinized for its compliance: from the functionality of the facility to the quality of your everyday supplies; from the sterilization level of your gloves down to the way you put them on. Even the work that can be done with the aid of an isolator can be delayed or even destroyed with a mistake as simple as a spill. It can seem impossible at times to keep up with all the requirements of a cleanroom and still have the focus to reach your research or production goals.

Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. By combining an expansive product portfolio with a team of critical environment system specialists, Avantor Services has all the tools and insight to help you run a cleanroom that surpasses industry standards. Take a look at the resources below to find solutions that best suit your needs.

Service Solution Spotlight

Lean Inventory Management Program Reduces Costs for Production Environment

A medical diagnostics manufacturer turns to Avantor Services for assistance in understanding and overcoming the high costs of managing cleanroom consumables inventory.

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Explore Our Holistic Solutions for Cleanroom Scientists

Cleanroom Cleaning

The cleanroom division of VWR – basan – has been a reliable supplier of cleanroom products, services, and expertise for more than 30 years.

Cleanroom Laundry Service (Decontamination & Leasing)

The cleanroom division of VWR – basan – has been a reliable supplier of cleanroom products, services, and expertise for more than 30 years.

Inventory manager

A cloud-based, inventory management system, that manages the consumption and replenishment of all your lab supplies (VWR products as well as third-party products from any vendor)

Stockroom Inventory Management

An automated inventory management system prevents repetitive ordering, reduces the burden on scientists, and optimizes inventory levels.

Point-of-Use Inventory Management

Keep supplies closer to the workbench and readily available for use, reducing overstock and time spent locating necessary products.

MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

A sourcing solution for research supplies thanks to VWR's well-established relationships with suppliers across the globe.

Technology Solutions

Our portfolio of applications and services provide you with best-in-class technology and in-house specialists to streamline your support chain and deliver a great user experience.

VWR Custom Manufacturing Services

Delivering high-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing need.

Production Supplies Management

Our inventory system delivers supplies from receiving, into IQ/OQ, and onto the production floor.

Custom Spill Kits for Chemicals

Unique, made-to-order kits delivered in multi-use pails can be designed for your specific spill hazard needs.

Single-Use Solutions

Implementing single-use technologies help reduce contamination risks, improves resource efficiency, and lowers labor and energy costs.

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