NEW Amersham™ ECL™ gel system

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GÜLTIG BIS: 31/05/2012
Experience the novel horizontal design for protein electrophoresis
  • High quality results: High lot-to-lot consistency ensures excellent reproducibility
  • Easy-to-use: Easier sample application and reduced buffer consumption than conventional vertical systems plus no risk of leakage
  • Economic: Same ready-to-run gels used for native and denaturing conditions together with long shelf life minimise risk of scrapping - no special buffers required

The novel horizontal design of the Amersham™ ECL™ gel system makes protein PAGE as easy and as simple as agarose gel DNA electrophoresi.

Technical specifications
Gel size (cm) 7.5x8
Gel thickness (mm) 1.4
Gel matrix Acrylamide/Bis-Acrylamide
Buffer system in gel Tris-HCL
Running buffer Tris-Glycine-SDS
Pack size (gels) 10
Shelf life (gels) (months) 12
Buffer consumption 170 ml per gel

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DescriptionPackCat.No.Promo PriceQty.
Gel 10%, 10 wells10 gels28-9898-04P
Gel 10%, 15 wells10 gels28-9901-55P
Gel 12%, 10 wells10 gels28-9898-05P
Gel 12%, 15 wells10 gels28-9901-56P
Gel 4-12%, 10 wells10 gels28-9898-06P
Gel 4-12%, 15 wells10 gels28-9901-57P
Gel 8-16%, 10 wells10 gels28-9898-07P
Gel 8-16%, 15 wells10 gels28-9901-58P
Gel 4-20%, 10 wells10 gels28-9901-54P
Gel 4-20%, 15 wells10 gels28-9901-59P
Gel Box1/pack28-9906-08P